Profit Planning For Creative Professionals


Safeguard Your Standard Of Living Through The Ebbs & Flows of Life and Business

You're riding the wave of high revenue, but beneath the surface, a dangerous undercurrent threatens to pull you under.

Your rapid success might feel like a blessing, but without a solid foundation, it’s a castle built on sand—each new client, each new project straining your resources and pushing you closer to the edge. Hidden costs lurk in every corner, from bloated overhead to marketing and branding dollars that vanish with mediocre results, quietly eroding the empire you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s time to turn the tide and transform your high revenue into the profit and peace of mind you deserve.

Wake Up To Profits Not Problems

As a Creative, you experience constant ebbs and flows in your life and business. You need strategic financial planning to maintain your creativity, joy, and standard of living. We’re here to help you safeguard your finances and navigate through life’s transitions, maximizing your best earning years and creating space to live a full, meaningful life.


Life changes! With it comes shifts in your career, relationships, and passions. As you navigate economic changes, age, and new inspirations, strategic planning becomes crucial to maintaining your standard of living. Partnering with us ensures you go through each transition with confidence and security.


Seize your prime earning potential now! As a top creative professional, your income can fluctuate. It's crucial to capitalize on your high-earning periods to secure your future. Our tailored strategies—encompassing financial review, decision support, tax optimization, and personal growth—help you maximize current revenue, allowing you to build a financial cushion that supports your lifestyle through any career shifts. Don't just maintain—elevate your standard of living by optimizing your most lucrative years. Let's turn your peak earnings into lasting prosperity.


Let your finances fuel your creativity, not constrain it. Our comprehensive planning doesn't just secure your future—it liberates your present. By optimizing your earnings and streamlining your financial decisions, we create space for what truly matters: your art, your relationships, your passions. Experience the freedom to fully immerse in your creative pursuits, knowing your financial foundation is rock-solid. With our strategies in place, you'll find more time for inspiration, more energy for loved ones, and more confidence in your journey. Let's design a life where financial security and creative fulfillment go hand in hand, allowing you to thrive both now and in the future.

Are you a creative professional feeling overwhelmed by financial uncertainty?

Take control of your future with Seven Figure Profits.

In just 30 minutes, our expert team—including specialists in profit psychology, CPA and CFO services, operations, and messaging strategy—will provide eye-opening insights for your financial outlook. We combine financial strategies with a deep understanding of the creative mind, offering a holistic approach to your success.

Here’s what you’ll gain:
      • Crystal-clear insights into your current financial situation
      • Tailored strategies to boost your income while nurturing your artistic vision
      • A concrete action plan to achieve long-lasting financial security

"Profitability is the consequence of having a sound strategy, disciplined execution, and financial stewardship." - Unknown

Wake Up Knowing Your Finances Are As Brilliant As Your Art!

No more sleepless nights worrying about money – just pure, unbridled creativity backed by rock-solid financial planning.

Your success story starts now. Book your free 30-minute breakthrough session and transform financial stress into your greatest masterpiece: a thriving, profitable creative career that stands the test of time.

Don’t let another day of uncertainty slip by. Click to reserve your spot and step into the financially secure, creatively fulfilled life you deserve.


"Profitability is the consequence of having a sound strategy, disciplined execution, and financial stewardship." - Unknown

Profit psychology, combined with expert financial planning, is the comprehensive solution for navigating high-profile creative careers

"Profitability begins in the mind and flows to your pocket. We understand the psychology behind financial success for creatives. Our whole-person approach guides you to maximum profit while preserving space for creativity and building years of financial excellence. We nurture both your artistic spirit and your bottom line." - Renee Hughes

Profit psychology, combined with expert financial planning, is the comprehensive solution for navigating high-profile creative careers

Our holistic approach combines mindset mastery with expert financial strategies. We empower you to elevate your living standard, combat burnout, and conquer fears while optimizing your finances. By addressing both your mental approach to money and practical management, we equip you to build meaningful wealth and thrive personally and professionally.

Meet The Visionary Founders Of Seven Figure Profits

Randy Hughes, CPA, CFO: Your Profit Strategist

As a CPA and CFO, Randy brings deep financial acumen and strategic insights to the table. He excels at making complex money matters easy to understand and even enjoyable. With Randy's guidance, you'll gain the financial clarity needed to make strategic decisions that truly impact your bottom line.

Renee Hughes, CNHC, CAP: Your Profit Psychology Coach

Renee is an innovator in profit psychology and personal development. She helps you cultivate the mindset for success, gain brand clarity, and enhance your professional reputation. Her unique approach elevates your full potential as an creative entrepreneur, aligning your personal growth with your business success.

Visionaries Randy and Renee launched Seven Figure Profits to liberate high-profile creative entrepreneurs from the '7-Figure Poor' paradox, fusing financial acumen with personal growth strategies to transform impressive revenues into lasting profit and whole person fulfillment.

Experience the Difference with Randy & Renee
Hear Our Clients' Success Stories

"Creative minds need partners....I sleep with peace at night regarding my finances"

"Money is this physical embodiment of our effort"

"The physical pain was bad, the emotional pain was worse"

"I laugh more. I feel more honestly"

"Creative visionaries thrive when partnered with profit strategists who truly understand their unique world. We offer that rare blend - a dynamic duo who speak both the language of artistry and the dialect of dollars." - Randy Hughes

We invite you to experience an eye opening
30-min Profit Planning Session

In this focused Zoom session, we’ll dive into:

  • Your creative aspirations
  • Your unique financial landscape
  • The current gaps between revenue and profit

You’ll walk away with immediate, actionable strategies to enhance your financial security and fuel your artistic passion.

This isn’t just about numbers—it’s about designing a life where your creativity and finances thrive in harmony.

Whether you have an existing financial team or you’re navigating solo, our whole-person approach offers insights you won’t find elsewhere.

We’ll help you:

  • See the big picture of your financial and personal well-being
  • Identify opportunities for growth that others might miss
  • Begin to feel clear and secure about the future

This call is your first step towards feeling safer, more secure, and more fulfilled in both your life and business. It’s a chance to envision a future where your high profile matches your high profits—and your peace of mind.

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